Baby deals! 6.23.14

It’s tough to find coupon codes on Amazon…I know I rarely see them. We are in the market for a new convertible car seat (Carson is huge y’all), and of course I was searching for deals, reading reviews, and trying to find this most economical option this morning.  I did a search for Amazon coupon codes and JACKPOT!

Right now Amazon has a 20% off select baby gear coupon code: SUMMERGEAR

That makes this Graco Convertible Car Seat that retails for $179.99 just $119!  I usually really like Graco products.

IMG_3634Wanted to pass this along in case any of you were in the market for one.  To be honest, I don’t know when this code expires, but I know this code also applies to lots of other baby items that might be worth browsing! These are the other featured deals!

What did/do you look for in a car seat?



12 thoughts on “Baby deals! 6.23.14

  1. We are looking for a Diono Radian – it is probably one of the most versatile car seats and has the highest height/weight limits in my price range. It is still a little pricey and that’s why we’re waiting for a really nice deal on it. BTW, I love your Youtube channel and now blog! I have implemented many of your principles, without ever actually articulating them the way you do. Great job – you inspire us all 🙂

  2. Thanks kathryne…I was searching convertible car seat for my son too..
    I am looking more room space of my cousin told me about graco my size 70.hope Amazon has them on sale


  3. Awesome! I chose the Diono Radian R120 when we were shopping for convertible carseats. i have a very tall 3.5 year old so the only way to keep her rear-facing for as long as possible was to find a seat with a very tall shell. i also own a Britax Roundabout 55 and i prefer the Radian. We have already had to turn the Britax forward-facing in my car, because she’s outgrown sitting in it rear-facing.

  4. Omg you are such an inspiration! Thanks to you I feel like I bought a new house! With your organization ideas I’ve been having so much fun! I have a two years old who is still rear facing (we feel it protects her more but I was looking for a good deal on a car seat and I think this is it! Love your blog.

  5. Darn should have seen this earlier! We just purchased my daughter a new carseat as well. We went with the Graco 4ever all in one carseat. Just came out on the market. Would have loved to compare them both since the retail price is double.

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