Before we grew zucchini, I was always intimidated by having it in our garden.  Like if WE tried to grow it, we would end up with some shriveled looking alien food.  REALITY: It’s one of the easiest plants to grow.  I talked about my zucchini obsession in my last garden video.  All of our plants have started producing enough food that we haven’t bought veggies in the past 5 weeks.  Hello, savings!

Just to give you an idea of the size of the zucchini yield…here is a giant zucchini… and Carson… for scale.  We get about 2-3 of these a day from just 3 plants.  And oodles of beans and tomatoes.

Yup.  The kid was trying to eat it raw.  Luna would also like to say hello.

IMG_3696 IMG_3701 IMG_3662 IMG_3672

Zucchini takes up about 4 squares of a garden using the square foot gardening method.  It’s a big plant… but worth it.

IMG_3706 IMG_3708 IMG_3709 IMG_3603


(yup, we use dollar tree buckets to gather our produce and bring it inside!)


Last year (when I was still pregnant) Char and I filmed this video about how to make your own raised bed garden on the cheap.  So this is sort of like a #tbtuesday?  Yay cheap, healthy things!

BEHIND THE SCENES NOTE:  I was so tired when we filmed that I sat down to hold the camera for most of it.  Oh first trimester…how I don’t miss you. 😉



7 thoughts on “IT’S MONSTER HUGE!

  1. Looks great. We tried our hand at gardening last summer and it didn’t go very well. I love the pictures you took. So vibrant – what kind of camera are you using?

    • Thanks 🙂 They say the first year gardening is a D, then you slowly work your way up to a C+, and then eventually you get to a B-. It was true for us, too! All these pictures were from my iPhone.

  2. My husband and I have a garden with squash, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, etc. We also have fruit. Right now are blueberries bushes are ripe! Next our grapes. Gardening is so worth to me. We can and freeze and have food all year long!! 🙂

    Love your blog and videos! 🙂

  3. I was I could garden but my apartment doesn’t have enough lawn:/ it would most certainly save me money for the season.

    • I live in an apartment as well and do container gardening. I just have peppers and cucumbers planted but still have good success.

  4. I love your YouTube videos, awesome new blog, and your emails. They just all make my day. I get so happy when you post a new video:)

    Carolina Alii


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