Quit decluttering!

I know.  So unlike me.  But I’m talking about your photos.

IMG_2322There have been so many times where going through my phone, I would delete pictures to make space.  I’m sure you do it, too.  Eliminate most of those rapid-fire shots you took 80 of to get the right one.

If you have kids you know what I’m talking about 😉

We instinctively go through pictures and find smiles to save, because surely those are the moments of most joy and worth remembering.  And then we delete the photos where we aren’t looking at the camera, it was slightly out of focus, somebody was in the middle of a sneeze, or the moment wasn’t what we were intending to capture.

 IMG_2666 IMG_3793 IMG_2683

But life is made of those in-between moments.

And when strung together, they somehow capture it better than those “look over here” smiles anyway.

                               IMG_2944 IMG_3621 IMG_3108

I’m not a photographer, and I’m sure not “doing it right.”  All of these images were taken with my iPhone.  All you need.IMG_3094


Today, I’m thankful that I stopped myself from hitting that delete button on these guys.  Sometimes we just move so fast and we are looking for “the shot.”  I was moments away from deleting all of them…and then I stopped and hit the black and white button 😉




8 thoughts on “Quit decluttering!

  1. I know what you mean, Kathryn! I have many pictures of my cousins or younger family friends and they’re not perfectly posed, but still captured a special moment. That’s one area I’m not decluttering. 🙂

  2. I have the opposite problem. I want to keep every single photo that I take of my family. I finally went through and deleted some but of course this was because I knew they were on my computer. Even now I still have a million photos from my cousin’s graduation, a friend’s wedding, and my trip to see my dad in TX. Even with my digital camera I have a hard time deleting photos.

    • I’m the same way!! I hate deleting them because I know in 20 years, I’m going to wish I had more to look at. My problem is keeping the pics on computers and then something happens to the computer and I loose all the pics :/ idk how to get on a system to print the pics! And then when u print them what do u do, because if something happens to the photo and u don’t have a way to get another one then what?

      • I had the same questions several years back, which I don’t think it is possible to have a definite answer to them all, because there’re so many uncertainties. I actually had kept the pics in our computer, then something did happen to the computer and they were not able to retrieve the files from the hard drive 😦

        For me, in 20 years, I might not remember a lot of things already, ha ha 😀

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