How to take perfect sparkler photos

IMG_3367I LOVE 4th of July!  And sparklers are my absolute favorite.  I could seriously play with them all day… bright white lights are so romantic to me.  I’ve totally gotten sucked in to those gorgeous Pinterest wedding photos with sparklers (tell me if you’ve been there, too!  ha!).  Even if you are a novice (totally clueless) camera girl like me, you can capture the same shots.

It was just Char and I snapping the photos, but it would be cute to make a heart as a couple.  If you have older kids these would make amazing shots, too!  Carson was fascinated, but it’ll be a few more years for him 😉



I have a Canon Rebel T3i and I LOOOOVRE it.  These are the settings I use to make this bad boy get these pictures…

  • Get a tripod or flat surface
  • Switch camera to “Manual” mode
  • Change shutter speed to 5″ (using dial/toggle on most cameras)
  • Change your picture taking to continuous instead of single shot
  • I use automatic ISO (standard setting on most cameras)




WHAT IF I HAVE A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA AND NOT A DSLR?:  Change your settings to “night” mode or “firework” mode and give it a try!  You can get some pretty decent shots.

WHAT IF ALL I HAVE IS AN IPHONE?:  There are tons of free apps designed for this!  Just do a search for a “slow shutter speed camera” in the Apple store download.  Easy peasy.  Also check for a firework capturing download!  Play around because not all apps are created equal.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial here:

Oh, and here is how my mantle looks this year.  The flag was free (we already had it) and the wagon was from Goodwill and was $1.99.  I thought it was cute and festive.  Oh, and lest we not forget I do have a flag on the porch.  That’s it!  Simple, festive touches 🙂


Happy photo-taking and be safe!!! ❤



3 thoughts on “How to take perfect sparkler photos

  1. I spent hours trying to figure out how to take sparkler pictures with my Nikon and you helped me so much!!!!!! My sparkler pictures are great thanks to your video

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