All-Natural Air Freshener! {3 Ingredient DIY}

My favorite Essential Oil

Life is stinky.  Period.

I wanted to share with you my DIY Air Freshener that’s just three ingredients…most of which you probably already own!  You can download and print the labels below and try it for yourself.  Take that yucky aerosol cans!

The ingredients are water, baking soda, and lemon essential oil!  That’s it.  This 4 oz-er of essential oil should last you, oh I don’t know…forever.  My favorite essential oil is lemon, but you can be fancy 😉  You could try peppermint during the holidays or your favorite scent.  You can find smaller quantities at craft stores, but they are more expensive over time.

I also use essential oil for a bunch of other cleaning, so it’s multi-purpose!



DIY Air Freshener


Some of you may ask about this, so I wanted to clear the air (so to speak 😉 )  Because you are using baking soda, you might notice a slight, white residue on surfaces you are spraying.  This is a GOOD THING.  This product is best used on upholstery and carpets (I don’t recommend it for hardwood or tile floors, although it won’t hurt them).  The baking soda will continue to trap odors after the lemon scent has dissipated, and the very fine white powder will come up when you clean, dust, or vacuum.  Baking soda is sprinkled on carpets and upholstery by professional cleaning companies all the time to trap odors.  You probably won’t even notice it unless you have very dark fabric/carpets!



7 thoughts on “All-Natural Air Freshener! {3 Ingredient DIY}

  1. Thankyou for this recipe! I really appreciate it. I have previously bought an airfresherener from an eco-hippie company (paid way too much for it) and it has he same ingredients- now i know the ratios and can make my own! The air freshener i bought had eucalyptus and teatree oil instead of lemon, and if you spay it on your hands you can use it in lieu of store bought hand sanitiser. (Not sure how readily available these oils are in the US- im in Australia) Also i have read in heaps of places that insects and mice are repleled by peppermint oil, so win win as mint is sooooooo nice!

    • I’m so glad! Yes, I have heard the same about peppermint oil. It’s more expensive than the lemon stuff (double the price actually) but I do love the smell. Maybe I will have to cave and get some. At least I know I could use it everywhere. That combination you bought sounds divine 🙂

      • Please make sure you know what essential oils are safe to use on and around children. I have recently learned a lot from a facebook page “using essential oils safely” and “safe essential oil recipes”. Both are closed groups that you can ask to join. A lot of essential oil companies do not tell you how to use the oils correctly. Also check out Robert Tisserand’s blog. He is an expert on essential oils. I never realized the safety factor in using EO’s. Your lemon spray is one I’ll be trying. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Hi! This is a little off-topic for this particular post, sorry! 🙂 But… I’m enjoying your blog and have spent time this summer watching your youtube videos on organization (and Goodwill finds!)… So great! I have started implementing some of your “systems” around my house and am trying to create some spaces and routines to help clear the constant clutter (thank you!). I’ve heard you mention that you’re a teacher; I’m just wondering if you might ever consider doing a blog post or video on any useful ways you organize your classroom/schedule as a teacher?? (I’m an art teacher and always feel that everyone I work with is super-organized and on top of things, while I struggle to be efficient, manage my classroom space, etc.) Anyway, just an idea! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Hey, Mer! Thanks for the support and suggestion. I actually teach out of a classroom that is another teacher’s, so I don’t have my own space. It’s incredibly freeing because I have so little to worry about organizing. Hence why I haven’t done a classroom video, yet. I’m not ruling it out for the future, though. 🙂 xo!!

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