I loathe laundry… I feel like it never ends.  I like to have my drawers organized, though.  It’s oddly very important to me.  It stresses me out to have a disorganized drawer.

I know they sell these…

They are nifty (although expensive) contraptions–this one is called the MiracleFold— that allow you to fold your shirts perfectly.  But I have a few tricks up my sleeves that have made putting away clothes at our house a breeze. 

Here are my four favorite tips for laundry and t-shirt organization!


10 thoughts on “MAKE LAUNDRY EASIER!

    • Hehe. I was just doing that shirt there as an example so I could get the whole shot in the frame with the tri-pod 🙂 I usually fold laundry on the bed and watch tv or youtube 🙂

  1. I never fold t.shirts. I always hang put them on coat hangers & put them in the wardrobe as soon I put them on hangers.

    I love the tip about putting the hanger on from the bottom of the t.shirt rather than the top.

    By the way, I also hang jumpers (sweaters) & cardigans on coat hangers.

    Your tips & videos are brill:)

  2. I tried the tank top idea and it was great!!!! Love your youtube videos 🙂 I was wondering how you store earrings for example pearls? (sorry for my bad english, I’m from Sweden)

  3. I live in Canada and I found one of those shirt folding tools at my Dollarama for $3.00. Unfortunately our Dollarama is no longer everything for $1.00 and the Dollar Tree we have goes up to $1.25(which is still good) LOVE your videos!

  4. I haven’t heard you mention ironing in any of your videos. I gave up ironing many years ago and now only iron maybe once a year. We don’t have a dryer by choice (save the planet and all that) so everything is hung up to dry (even in the UK) and then folded or hung to put away. When shopping, I tend to avoid clothes that are pure cotton or pure linen because I know it’s going to sit waiting to be ironed and never get worn.

    What are your thoughts, Kathryn? You always look well-groomed. Do you iron?

    • Ha ha, we are on the same boat, we (family of 4 adults) don’t iron, I think last time I ironed was for my husband’s shirts that he bought long long long time ago and they are still in good condition, which is good (apart from the ironing part!!).

      Our iron and iron board just stay in our laundry room… just for those moment when those garments are being worn/washed and ironed…

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