In this video I take you with me to Dollar Tree and show you my favorite organization products it has to offer this season (Fall 2014)…I know it’s still summer, but they are gearing up for back to school so there are lots of super-sweet scores!  Woot.  Seriously.

I hope you enjoy touring the store and seeing some of my new organization systems at my house (I love seeing how people end up using what they buy!)

Don’t forget to watch my latest tag video here on all things YouTube (and some of my favorite YouTube channels) if you are interested.  Love this community ❤

Want to see a list of my favorite Dollar Tree and organizing products?  Click here!




  1. This post totally made me miss the Dollar Tree! Currently, I’m living overseas so no Dollar Tree here. I just got back from an organizational shopping trip. I went to 2 stores that are similar to the Dollar Tree as well as our version of TJMaxx. I’m pretty happy that we are able to find similar items to the Dollar Tree and TJMaxx, for organization, if not as inexpensive, at least within a reasonable price point. I found a small handled basket that will work for my ‘bottom’ of the stairs basket for about $2 and I’m super excited about labeling and using it!
    I can’t wait to see what other ideas you have for organization.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Hey there, really like your YouTube videos , I m tryin so hard to get organized , my house is a mess . It’s seems so difficult to do it , I got out of control when my depression started. Now is just impossible . Thanks for your time and videos , you are really nice to share all your ideas . An awesome week for you and your family

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