Learn to make knock-your-socks-off DIY cleaning wipes and keep your kitchen clean and orderly…even when cooking.  (My secret weapon!)



If you are looking for some of the items featured in this video, they are linked below.  Our chop block comes from Wood Welded which is a store in Michigan (my home-state).  It is an extremely high quality product, and no, I am not affiliated/paid/perked to say that!  The exact price depends on the size you order, but typically an item like this will set you back $50-$100.  You know me, I’m CHEAP, and in my opinion, this is worth it to have a quality piece.  Ours was a wedding gift and it is one we use daily.

Wood Welded Chop Block

For those of you shopping on a tighter budget, or wanting to try a more affordable option before taking the plunge, check out more online options or these highly recommended options….

Mountain Woods (Under $40)
Madiera (Under $40)


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.20.43 PM



24 thoughts on “HOW TO KEEP A CLEAN KITCHEN (plus DIY Lysol Wipes)!

  1. Thanks for posting this! I made homemade baby wipes and absolutely love them but when I tried a different recipe for cleaning wipes, they were horrible. The mixture was mostly a harsh cleanser so they just fell apart and had a strong odor. I am excited to try your recipe.

    Do you use these in the bathroom as well?

    • Yes, I use them in the bathroom! You can use the wipes on the mirrors, too, but I prefer to use a rag for them (the paper towel leaves the glass a bit streaky sometimes). The odor can be strong to the wipes, but if you use a quality paper towel they should have some shelf life. Hope that helps! xo! K

    • The best wipes for glass/mirrors is old newspaper. You could also clean it in the car windows. Paper towel, wipes or cloth leave streaks or marks when it dries.

  2. I just emptied a big tall can of iced tea mix. Do you think it will be okay to make the wipes in there? I think it’s cardboard but it has like wax in the inside. It can fit the entire roll of paper towels. Wonder if it would leak.

      • Yup.
        I just made them so well shall see! Crossing my fingers that it works. 🙂
        Another question. Where else can I use the “cutting board wipes?” And if vinegar disinfects what is the difference between the two wipes? And sorry if it’s obvious. My ten year old just looked at me like I was crazy for doing two different kind of wipes so I had to ask because in his science program they made different dyi’s and he says he already knew vinegar was awesome.

      • We use them all over. On Carson’s tray at the end of the day is my other go-to. I like just a vinegar-water solution for the board since it is so simple, disinfects, and is 100% edible (I don’t like the idea of dish soap/alcohol on it since we cook our food there, but it’s not a huge deal if you did). Good luck!

  3. I was wondering is there a difference between a chopping block and a cutting board? Other than the obvious visual difference. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I saw this video a week ago and have turned into a crazy organizer since! I went to two Dollar Tree stores yesterday and picked up a ton, and I mean a TON of stuff! I don’t recommend this as now I’m not even sure where I want to start! I tried making the wipes today. Cutting the paper towel was horrible. I had a really hard time cutting through and ended up with some ugly looking rough edges! It was shredding as I was cutting! Which brand do you use? Any advice on making slicing easier?

  5. I love the fresh scent of the Lysol wipes (especially the lemon). Do these DIY wipes (which are a great idea) have a good smell to them? Or is there a way to add a squirt of lemon or something just for the scent? Thanks!

  6. Recently stumbled across you and LOVE your videos! Could use a new one every day! I’ve watched through them for hours (like it’s a TV show – hahaha)!
    I did the hm cleaning wipes and also love those. I put them in a large canister that I had purchased with storebrand wipes in them and they fit and work perfectly out of that! Love the flip top for ease of use. My Dawn dish soap I put in it makes them smell Amazing!! Thank you for all your great tips and motivation to organize and for making cleaning more fun!

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