This is a non-DIY for the DIY-er at heart.  Here’s how I used $1 Chalkboard Labels (from Dollar Tree) to make mismatched containers look cohesive and intentional.  On a dime of course!  Enjoy!

Looking for a Chalk Pen?  You can find it here!



9 thoughts on “$1 CHALKBOARD LABELS

  1. No need to mess up your driveway/sidewalk to get a point on your regular chalk – you can use a pencil sharpener! I prefer the wider ones for big ‘learn to print’ pencils. Also, you can get the similar crisp writing as the pen by dipping the chalk in water, not sure if it would be as indelible but it’s more durable than just dry chalk.

  2. I can’t find these labels anywhere!! I’ve been to all the Dollar Trees in a 10 mile radius from me. AUGH! Why does Kathryn’s DT seem to have all the good stuff?!

      • I saw these labels in the dollar section of Target again. No sign of them in our Dollar Tree either. We haven’t had the washi tape either 😦

      • NoVA, where I’m at, doesn’t seem to carry the same items as your Local DT. I can’t find stackable bins either, so frustrating!! Btw, I am loving your blog and Youtube Channel. It has been very inspiring for me, being the organize-challenged person that I am. Keep up the good work! I did find Washi tape at two of the 6 DT, I’ve been perusing.

  3. hello, I found chalk writer pen at the dollar tree here in Canada. The brand is called “Craft Decor” and they are the best to have all the time. It is not made of powder chalk but wax like and they are good to write on chalkboards, dry erase boards, windows, glass, mirrors, ceramic and metal. They are wet erasable, mess free and dust free. They are the best and good to have all the time for a dollar.

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