Carson’s Room Tour!

Before Carson was born I implemented an easy system in his closet that would make folding clothes and the hassle of constant clothing transition things of the past.  A favorite are these closet dividers…plus I love how they are LESS THAN $5!

Lots of you have asked to see an updated closet tour.  Did it actually work???  That was one thing I found when watching YouTube videos of moms.  You would see “great systems” implemented, but never find out if they stood the test of time (as many things don’t with kids).

So, here’s how his room looks today.  It’s not perfect (and far from perfectly decorated!) but it is such a functional and easy to maintain space in our house.  Here’s what I do to keep it easy peasy.

Also, here are the Closet Organizers that I love so much.  They are perfect for those first years of so much growing and transition!

Would love to hear your favorite tips!



2 thoughts on “Carson’s Room Tour!

  1. Dear Kathryn, love everything you do. You have a great spirit and you are truly a teacher 🙂 It would be great if you could cook something from that beautiful Spain cookbook and share it with us 🙂 You are great! Best wishes!

  2. When you say the room isn’t perfect or perfectly decorated you must be kidding ;). It’s spotless and cute. How do you manage to keep all Carson’s toys contained? I have an 18 month old daughter and everyday is the same routine – I try to put things away while at the same time she’s taking things out to play with in the areas I just picked up. It’s exhausting but I’d rather have a messy room than interrupt her play.

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