SAVE $$ w/Freezer Organization {Fridge and Chest Freezer}

I posted this fridge organization video, and many of you asked to see how I organize my freezer.  You ask, and I try my best to make it happen!


These are my favorite fridge organization tips plus a super sweet free printable for you guys.  YOU CAN SAVE SO MUCH MONEY BY FREEZING FRESH FOODS!  Since we’ve purchased our chest freezer, I’ve gotten really into maximizing it’s use.  Over the past couple weeks I pulled together this Freezable Foods list about what are the best items to freeze.  Print it.  Share it.  Tack it on your fridge…er…freezer?  These are just my experiences with freezing items and how they’ve worked for us.  This list is by no means exhaustive, so I would love to see what works for you!

Freezable FoodsFreezable Foods 2

If you are looking to freeze veggies (it will change your life) check out this list from the wonderful people of Canada.  (I heard Canada.)  I’m not kidding.  It’s my favorite one online.  And I really do heart Canada and their love of Tim Hortons. ❤





11 thoughts on “SAVE $$ w/Freezer Organization {Fridge and Chest Freezer}

  1. Thank you so much for this video and freezable foods list. I have been searching for a deep freezer and was wondering which model you have. How many cubic ft? Are you happy with that size?

  2. I just saw your idea fir the freezer organizing on another site I visit I am always amazed at hiw many ideas are out there. I have used two in the past few days. One was to use magazine holders for aluminum foil, wax paper and such. Takes up much less room! The other one was to use an empty egg carton for underneath the laptop,as we all know those bad boys get hot, and tge egg carton just becomes landfill if yiu don’t use it in a creative way. So score one for the planet! LOVE ALL YOUR TIPS!
    Kathy Rose
    Mt Airy, Md

  3. Why haven’t I thought of putting bags in our deep freezer before?! That is so brilliant, all our meat/veg/bread is just bunged in there & it takes forever to find what we’re looking for! lol xx

  4. I did some of your organizing ideas all over my house. Love the dry erase idea! I got some baskets from Dollar Tree but couldn’t use the marker on. I had an idea for adding labels that I can change when the insides change. I printed labels on my computer and placed them on the container with a large paper clip. The label just slides on and off.

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