The best questions to ask yourself when purging those items with lots of emotional attachment.  From a real person in real-life circumstances.  And you know what?…I made this video as much for me as I did for you. 🙂




  1. Thank you so much for the advice. I have enjoyed these cabinets from my great grandparents for 20+years and now they don’t fit our home or life anymore. I have had a hard time letting them go but now I know I just need to e mail my family, see if anyone would like them, then just sell them. Your words were so helpful.

    Your videos rock. Thanks

  2. You posted this video at the perfect time! My best friend and I are having a yard sale this weekend, so we have both been going through our houses on a huge purge mission. I have been debating what to do with one thing in particular–a handmade, LIFE-SIZE cloth doll that was made for me when I was around 7 or 8 years old. So yeah, it’s the size of an actual child! My sister found it in her garage over a year ago (maybe two?) and passed it on to me. Ever since then, I have been moving it from corner to corner, into and out of closets, and now it’s on my bed because I ran out of other places to keep it. The display stand broke shortly after I got it, which has made it impossible to display, and even when I had it on display, my son thought it was creepy! I’ve only been holding onto it this long because (1) it was made for me when I was a child by an aunt who passed away several years ago, (2) it looks like my 7-or 8-year-old self, and (3) I felt guilty anytime I thought about getting rid of it because of reasons 1 and 2. Oh, and (4) I figured nobody else would want it because it does need a lot of repairs, and if my son thought it was creepy, what would anyone else think of it? But now I’m thinking maybe it’s time to find out if I’m wrong about #4. So I’m going to take a pic of the doll and let it go to the yard sale. We’ll see what happens! Thanks for the advice, which rocks as always! 🙂

  3. Your video came in the right time, one of my sisters (in her late 50s & single) has unfortunately became a hoarder over the past decade (or more) and she has just moved to a bigger studio apartment on Monday. Before her move, we went to help her pack and OMG =-O

    Anyway, we helped her part with few of her “collections” and yet there are plenty to go, she said after she’s settled down in the new apartment, she will go through everything, again.

    I have shared your video with her and pray she will finish your video and act on it.

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