Dollar Tree Teeth Whitener Review

One of YOU introduced me to this product and said it was totally awesome.  After a bit of hesitation, I was down to give it a try.  Does Dollar Tree Teeth Whitener work?  Watch the video to find out 🙂



It’s fall y’all!

Here’s how I decorate our house for fall and a mini tour of our downstairs (plus some updates in our master bedroom).  I love seeing how others are updating their homes and touring around houses.  Does that make me weird?

You can find the FREE PRINTABLE here:

Here’s our new bedding.  It’s out of stock at Macy’s (boo!), and the sale is over, but you can find it here, for a pretty decent price.  (I always Google for current coupon codes, too to maximize my savings)

Here’s how to make the DIY Mummies:


MY NO-FAIL ORGANIZING PROCESS…using Dollar Tree products!

I get messages daily from so many of you.  Some of you send me pictures, some of you write me notes, and some of you are just asking advice about your new apartment, home, or space.

Some days I wish I could teleport to your house and help you organize your space (it seriously does bring me so much joy), but I don’t have the time to personally help everybody.  So I wanted to make this video about what I do when I approach a space (since it applies to virtually any area I am trying to organize).  My process…and how I do it on a budget.  It’s not rocket science, but they are simple tricks that really are no-fail.

Besides, who knows your home and needs better than you?  You are smart and you are creative!  Seeing others organize always motivates me to think about my own space.  And that’s the goal of this video. 🙂

Looking for under the shelf organizer featured in this video?  They are less than $10.  Any time I can find a quality organizing product for less than $10, I’m a happy camper.  (I wish Dollar Tree had a product like this…they need to get one!)


DIY SNOW | Cheap activities with kids!

I saw on Pinterest how to make DIY snow…it looked so fun (and it was so easy) I knew this was a perfect late afternoon activity.  You know, the kind of afternoon where destruction ensues and your child is in nothing but their diaper from a day of snacks/lunch is all over their outfit.   😉

Whip out your bar of Ivory soap and have fun!  Hope you moms, grandmas and teachers enjoy!  Fun for all ages!



So, full disclosure, I didn’t think I was going to post this video.  I filmed it over a month ago, and thought it was too short and too goofy to post.  So I was just leaving it in its “unpublished state” in my uploaded videos list.  But then, super randomly, over the last week, I got no less than five messages/comments asking me what I ended up thinking of the headphones I picked up in this shopping vlog.

So for those of you that are curious, here are my two cents.  I am enjoying testing out DT products and have more review to come!

Want to see more Dollar Tree product review videos?  Click here! 


P.S.  Carson is at the end kissing Elmo, or “Mo” as he calls him.  He’s already changed so much since I filmed this a few weeks ago.  Ahhh!!  Somebody freeze time.

P.P.S.  I was listening to “Libre Soy” (Let it Go in Spanish from Frozen) when I was testing the headphones.  Don’t judge.  It’s a good song 😉


It’s fall and it’s time to get your craft on!  This is a collab video with Sara from BudgetSavvyDiva.  We wanted to showcase some easy, cheap DIYs we’ve been working on.  We also wanted to give you guys a chance to win one of TWO $25 Michael’s Gift Cards!



Here is a similar photo line to the one shown in this video (they no longer carry the one I purchased at Target since it was clearance!)

Want to see how you can make the Ice Art I featured with your toddler?  Click here!

Want to see me in action on WallQuotes.comClick here!  (No, this is not as sponsored post.  I made a series of promotional videos for their YouTube channel after I hosted a giveaway.  It was fun!)

I always have a few lazy susans around the house…they come in handy for so many things!  This one is my favorite because it’s cheap…and works. 😉



I wanted to share this deal with you, since I have gotten lots of questions on Carson’s nursery tour video on how I save money on diapers.  I don’t use cloth (we don’t have the time since both my husband and I work), so I need to find diapers (usually in bulk) at their rock bottom price.

How I do it…

  • I am NOT brand loyal.  The best brands with the best sales are usually Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs in that order.
  • For smaller sized diapers (sizes 1-2), anything below .14 cents a diaper is my stock up price.  For the bigger diapers (sizes 3-5) anything below .17 cents is my stock up price.
  • The best places to find diapers deals are usually drug stores (although they come in smaller quantities) and Amazon since you can get so many of them at once.

There is a deal RIGHT NOW on Amazon to get diapers as low as .10 cents for size 1, and .16 cents for size 4 (the size Carson is.)  This is seriously a super score!!!


1.You want THESE LUVS DIAPERS on Amazon (Select the size you want)

2. Clip the coupon on the page to save an additional .50 cents

3. Join Amazon Mom to save an additional 20% off your purchase (3 month free trial!)

4.  Make sure to select “subscribe and save.”


I cancel my Amazon mom subscription after the diapers have shipped and cancel my subscribe and save.  Some people choose to keep it (which is great for Amazon and convenient for the customer), but shop deal to deal. 🙂  I make a mark in my calendar so I don’t forget and put an alert in my phone.  It takes two seconds.  Boom.  Cheap diapers.  Happy kid.  Even happier mommy 🙂

P.S. I also buy size 1 diapers when they are at rock bottom prices and keep them in the attic.  I can take them out for baby shower/sprinkle gifts and for baby #2.  Yes, I’m that crazy!



I heart Ikea. ❤  And no, this post is not sponsored 😉 

After receiving a totally random gift-card blessing (those are the best!), I decided to spend part of the money on some new toddler toys for Carson.  I love Ikea because they have cheap toys that are great for imaginative play.  All of the items I purchased are very difficult to find second-hand…they are usually missing pieces or worn down by the time they get there.  Or, they really aren’t much cheaper than you can find at Ikea.  At consignment sales/stores wooden toys are always so marked-up! 

So we “spent” $98 dollars (really it was free because of our gift card), on some toys that will provide lots of fun over the years.  Yay imaginative play…and felt food!

You can click the pictures below to see them on Ikea’s website if you are interested for your little one.  Happy playing!