Okay, so this bread is probably the simplest (and most delicious) bread you can make.  Great for kids to help with, too!  Just ice-cream and flour.  Bake.  Boom you’re done!


(This free download also includes an option if you don’t have self-rising flour…makes it easy-peasy.)

Here are more of my tips for making this recipe come out flawless!




  1. Hi Kathryn! I’m Silvia from Italy -thank you so much for this recipe! I tried to make ice cream yesterday, right after I’ve read your post..I had some ice cream I didn’t know what to do with..because I didn’t really like the taste was too sugary! The bread turned out very well..except for the salty taste – not having the self rising flour ( I’m pretty much sure it doesn’t even exist here), I’ve tried the second version recipe..I guess baking soda it’s saltier here, so I wouldn’t add it next time! Still I really love this fun and easy recipe! Thanks and, have a great week end!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Silvia. I think you are right about the salty taste. Maybe adding some sugar would help? Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and support of my channel. ❤ xo.

  2. Hey there!!! Just wanted to share I made this yesterday. My girls picked out Carmel fudge brownie ice cream for this recipe. HUGE hit!!! They even dollied it up with Nutella on top!!’ So good! Thanks so much! Love your channel!!:)

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