I HAD to share this hack with you guys, since we have strawberries ALL THE TIME.  Life-changing for our family (and think about the savings since you aren’t throwing away excess strawberry “meat.”  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “BEST STRAWBERRY HACK!

  1. To waste even less strawberries, you can use a strawberry huller. Unfortunately, I have never seen these except in Pennsylvania where I am from. It is like a little pincer type tool. You pinch down into the little hull and pull it out – the green stem also comes out. I love your Youtube channel!

  2. I googled it and this is the closest I could find to what I was mentioning. However, I found this one that looks exactly like what I have. I grew up in Pennsylvania and this is what my mom had and then I bought some at a farmer’s market in Amish country. As you can see, they call this one an Amish strawberry huller. 🙂

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