I heart Ikea. ❤  And no, this post is not sponsored 😉 

After receiving a totally random gift-card blessing (those are the best!), I decided to spend part of the money on some new toddler toys for Carson.  I love Ikea because they have cheap toys that are great for imaginative play.  All of the items I purchased are very difficult to find second-hand…they are usually missing pieces or worn down by the time they get there.  Or, they really aren’t much cheaper than you can find at Ikea.  At consignment sales/stores wooden toys are always so marked-up! 

So we “spent” $98 dollars (really it was free because of our gift card), on some toys that will provide lots of fun over the years.  Yay imaginative play…and felt food!

You can click the pictures below to see them on Ikea’s website if you are interested for your little one.  Happy playing!



4 thoughts on “IKEA HAUL! | TODDLER TOYS :)

  1. Love love love Ikea toys!! We got those little cars for our son about a year ago but found they came apart too easily for him (which frustrated him) so we glued the parts together. Just an idea if Carson doesn’t want to take apart/rebuild the cars!

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