I wanted to share this deal with you, since I have gotten lots of questions on Carson’s nursery tour video on how I save money on diapers.  I don’t use cloth (we don’t have the time since both my husband and I work), so I need to find diapers (usually in bulk) at their rock bottom price.

How I do it…

  • I am NOT brand loyal.  The best brands with the best sales are usually Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs in that order.
  • For smaller sized diapers (sizes 1-2), anything below .14 cents a diaper is my stock up price.  For the bigger diapers (sizes 3-5) anything below .17 cents is my stock up price.
  • The best places to find diapers deals are usually drug stores (although they come in smaller quantities) and Amazon since you can get so many of them at once.

There is a deal RIGHT NOW on Amazon to get diapers as low as .10 cents for size 1, and .16 cents for size 4 (the size Carson is.)  This is seriously a super score!!!


1.You want THESE LUVS DIAPERS on Amazon (Select the size you want)

2. Clip the coupon on the page to save an additional .50 cents

3. Join Amazon Mom to save an additional 20% off your purchase (3 month free trial!)

4.  Make sure to select “subscribe and save.”


I cancel my Amazon mom subscription after the diapers have shipped and cancel my subscribe and save.  Some people choose to keep it (which is great for Amazon and convenient for the customer), but shop deal to deal. 🙂  I make a mark in my calendar so I don’t forget and put an alert in my phone.  It takes two seconds.  Boom.  Cheap diapers.  Happy kid.  Even happier mommy 🙂

P.S. I also buy size 1 diapers when they are at rock bottom prices and keep them in the attic.  I can take them out for baby shower/sprinkle gifts and for baby #2.  Yes, I’m that crazy!




  1. Great tip! Have you ever tried the Target brand (Up & Up) diapers? They work really well and are only 16 cents/diaper all the time if you have a Target Red Card. Plus you get free shipping with the Red Card. They also go on sale regularly and sometimes you can get a $5/off gift card if you buy two packages. Target recently started a subscription program for additional savings, but I’ve never tried it, myself.

    • I tried it once, and we had some blowouts (mostly at night) so I didn’t try them again. That’s a great deal, though! Maybe I should consider it! 🙂 Especially with the subscribe and save option. TFS, Alexandra!!!

      • Blow outs are no fun! Let me know how it goes if you decide to try them again. I was buying Huggies with my first, but when she was older we switched to Target brand and kind of never looked back. I think the main difference I have noticed is that the Target diapers don’t seem to have as much “stay dry” capability. And sometimes they get sort of saggy, which looks good on no one. :-). I definitely buy Huggies when I can find a good deal, it just kills me to shell out the big bucks for diapers!

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