DIY SNOW | Cheap activities with kids!

I saw on Pinterest how to make DIY snow…it looked so fun (and it was so easy) I knew this was a perfect late afternoon activity.  You know, the kind of afternoon where destruction ensues and your child is in nothing but their diaper from a day of snacks/lunch is all over their outfit.   😉

Whip out your bar of Ivory soap and have fun!  Hope you moms, grandmas and teachers enjoy!  Fun for all ages!



4 thoughts on “DIY SNOW | Cheap activities with kids!

  1. Random! The blue end of the Dollar Tree duster fits the extended-arm of the Swiffer duster! Woohoo! Only a teacher could be this excited over saving money! 😉

  2. Hi this looks fun! I been wanting to know where u bought your over the shelf basket where you put your bread I’ve been wanting one thanks.

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