MY NO-FAIL ORGANIZING PROCESS…using Dollar Tree products!

I get messages daily from so many of you.  Some of you send me pictures, some of you write me notes, and some of you are just asking advice about your new apartment, home, or space.

Some days I wish I could teleport to your house and help you organize your space (it seriously does bring me so much joy), but I don’t have the time to personally help everybody.  So I wanted to make this video about what I do when I approach a space (since it applies to virtually any area I am trying to organize).  My process…and how I do it on a budget.  It’s not rocket science, but they are simple tricks that really are no-fail.

Besides, who knows your home and needs better than you?  You are smart and you are creative!  Seeing others organize always motivates me to think about my own space.  And that’s the goal of this video. 🙂

Looking for under the shelf organizer featured in this video?  They are less than $10.  Any time I can find a quality organizing product for less than $10, I’m a happy camper.  (I wish Dollar Tree had a product like this…they need to get one!)



2 thoughts on “MY NO-FAIL ORGANIZING PROCESS…using Dollar Tree products!

  1. Hi Kathryn, I just want to say to you I like your videos for the Joy you express and your crazy style.
    I’m 44, from Italy, and I don’t understand everything you say, but It’s clear you and your famaly are very nice!!! Ciao, Lilia

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