Easy DIY Drawer Charging Station: Nightstand Organization

A simple and easy way to turn your bedside table into a charging station for your gadget.  Oh, and not to mention it’s CHEAP!



4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Drawer Charging Station: Nightstand Organization

  1. Love the idea, I wish my nightstand (dressing table) drawer is as big as yours – I think mine (2 drawer) are approximate half of yours and its design is the same as yours (mine is enclosed) 😦
    I hope, one day, I can get rid of my dressing table (which I got 20+ years ago and it’s still very sturdy!) and get a proper nightstand/bed side table with spacious drawer(s) 😉

    • Just an update, the other day I mentioned about the nightstand/bedside table with my husband, who agreed to make a change and started to look for anything nice looking and cheap…

      In fact, couple of weeks ago he accompanied me for thriftig and we saw these pair of nice looking wooden nightstand, perfect in size and design for our room, but we didn’t buy them 😦 Not because they were expensive (only A$70 for a pair and they look very sturdy & still in good condition), but because of its colour, when I suggested we could repainted them, my husband disagreed and said, “I’m not going to spend time and money to adjust something from thrift shop. We buy, we clean and use. No addition work required, otherwise, don’t buy!” So cheap nightstand hunting continues 😉

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