Best Ikea Organizers: Under $10!

Organizing without Dollar Tree IS possible (I know lots of my international subscribers are jealous of budget finds in the US).  I wanted to make this video to show you some of my favorite IKEA organizers.  Nope, this is not a sponsored video.  I bought everything with my own dollas…very unfortunately. 😉

One common trend among all these items is the color white.  White = clean = crisp = a feeling of high-end (even if you didn’t spend a lot).  So here are my faves.  You can click the links to learn more.



9 thoughts on “Best Ikea Organizers: Under $10!

  1. I recently bought the play tent, I chose the castle themed one. It’s amazing how big and sturdy it is. If it wasn’t for your video I wouldn’t be even looking for it. Thanks! I’m definitely getting the lillabo rug for my daughter to play with her cars on next time I’m in Boston. Unfortunately we don’t have an Ikea in ME. Believe it or not but I actually FLEW with the tent people from Poland (where we visited my mother). I also bought and absolutely love the finger puppets and an owl hand puppet. I like the bathrooom under the sink bins you featured in your upload. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  2. Bar the plant pots/containers, I have all of these items at home!! I love Ikea a bit *too* much…I live 5 minutes walk from Ikea in Dublin so my house has that “Showroom” look about it sometimes!! But it’s lethal for spending money – go in for candles, come out with a kitchen!

  3. I have that scarf hanger and the collapsible storage boxes (SKUBB) too. I put at scarf hanger at the back of our bedroom door (I just added a over the door hook). Love that very much, I can see which scarf to use in the morning very easily 🙂

    Both products cost A$9.99 in IKEA Australia, which equivalent to US$8.68, much more expensive than what they are charging in US (US$7.99), but at least it’s still under $10 😉

    • hi my name is Tina I luv luv luv your blog and look forward to watching your videos. I have a question about getting sheets white I tried your method and got ok results but maybe I missed something. Was I also supposed to add bleach/

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