I stumbled upon reusable K-Cups at Dollar Tree.  There are these guys: Brew and Save Refillable Single-cup that retail for 5x the price (and they are the “cheap” ones!)  So when I saw them at DT, I knew I had to give them a whirl…er…brew 😉

I use a Keurig Mini.  They are affordable, compact, and do just as good of a job.  Plus, I think the maintenance is pretty easy for them.

Here are my thoughts…

Flash back to this video where I give even more tips for saving money with a Keurig (wow…I can’t believe I made this so long ago!  The good news is all my tips are still applicable.)




  1. When I told my daughter about this refillable K-cup, she yelled, “When will this type of things coming to Australia?” That’s true, a lot of things that available in other parts of the world don’t necessary available in Australia 😦 Having said that, we are getting much better these days 😉

    Anyway, thanks for the info & God bless 🙂

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