Kids say the darnedest things!  Here’s how to remember those side-splitting funnies and keep them as a treasured keepsake.




  1. I am looking forward to trying out this neat quote app you mention. I subscribed to your organizational channel on youtube sometime in the last year (perhaps a year now), and only just started watching a few of your family-oriented-channel ones. They so far, are my favorite. It is heartwarming to me, and even my wonderful other half, to watch you and your husband, and your son. Your vacation/dolphin video has even inspired he and I to want to save up for a mini-vacation like that. Your son is adorable, and reminds me of my of my son growing up (nearly two decades ago now.) It touches my heart to see you two interact and makes me wish I could go back and time and relive those moments again, but grateful I had them, and now you have them. I always love all your tips, and look forward to your new videos. I have had a very painful few years , and rebuilding is hard, but things are slowly getting better for me. I am doing so much better. Watching you has been a part of a a very therapeutic and growth-filled year for me. Your energy and the goodness you exude is inspiring. You are even part of what has inspired me to start a blog, that helps me stay on track and motivate to all the healing I am doing (tragedies and loss and all that.) I only just started it recent, but your enthusiasm is catchy. I welcome your visit if you like (listed in the website section.) But even if you do not get to it, I continue to watch you always with a smile. Thank you for the efforts you put into sharing all your helpful advice and tips. You seem like a truly wonderful woman. Thank you to your husband and son too. With warmth and kindest regards, Kat

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