I get many messages from you asking for help getting organized.  A common theme is “I can organize things, but it never stays that way.  I think I’m just destined to live with clutter.”

I wanted to address this question simple give you some tips that really help me.  From a  working mom in a REAL house.

Here is how to ACTUALLY STAY organized….

1) DON’T BE DISCOURAGED:  High-traffic zones are hard to keep organized…they are for me, too!

2) TAKE INVENTORY:  Keep in a space only what  you actually use.  Not back-ups.  Not extras.  Only the stuff you use.  Quit the ifs ands and buts.

3) YOU DON’T JUST NEED “ANOTHER BIN”:  Most spaces don’t need new things to make them function.  Save $$, yo!

4) USE THE 20% RULE: Leave 20% minimum of free, empty space in any organized space…you need room to grow!

5) HALFWAY-HOME:  Put “extras” you are purging in a box for a few months to see if you really need to keep it.  Never go in it?  Get rid of it!

6) FORGET PERFECT.  I’m serious.  Your house will NEVER look like a blog.  Like ever.  And if it does you will be sad because you will have no life.  Just aim for efficient 🙂




  1. Hi Katherine love your videos but have a hard time with two cabinets in my kitchen, I watch you, clutterbug, at home with Nicki and clean my space and you all have awesome ideas and I just can’t get it right! My husband always knows when either I’ve been “watching my videos” or looking at pintrest because those are the times I tackle these spaces AGAIN AND AGAIN! Can u help? !

    • You can’t do it! Don’t give up, and know that you will keep changing systems. If something stays pretty organized for 6 months that my sign that is was a really good systems and it just needs some tweaks!

  2. With pinterest and blogs it is so hard to remember that I don’t have to be perfect as a mom. My home or car or office won’t always be spotless or organized and that is okay. Thanks for shedding light on that

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