Small ways to eat healthier and save money: BREAD MACHINE TUTORIAL

It’s fall, so a bread-themed post is more than appropriate and probably long overdue.

I’ve wanted to share a bit about our breadmaker.  I’ve talked about it in passing in numerous vlogs, and I’ve had a fair number of comments asking to hear more about our Sunbeam.  I’ve had it on my list to make a video about for a while: how it saves us money, why it’s healthier how we store it, how we keep our bread fresh after it is made, etc… why in the name of bacon would I store such a GIANT thing in my kitchen!?!?

So cheers to carbs and how to make your bread-maker count!

Let me know your 2 cents.  Do you have a bread machine?  Do you use it?  I would love to know your favorite recipes if you do!



5 thoughts on “Small ways to eat healthier and save money: BREAD MACHINE TUTORIAL

  1. What a good timing, our eldest daughter (the cook) was just talking about getting a bread machine, so we can have fresh bread. I said, “The purpose to have a bread machine is to have fresh bread, but how often do we eat bread and how many slides do we eat?”

    Since I had borrowed my colleague’s awhile back, we knew a bit of pros and cons of having a bread machine. We definitely enjoyed the bread when it was first made… YUMMMMM

    I personally think unless the whole family can finish a loaf of bread daily (as you mentioned, the bread can only keep for couple of days, then they’ll need to be stored in the freezer), the purpose to have fresh bread every morning doesn’t exist!

    You did mention the bread from the freezer are amazing after you toasted them and here comes the problem in our family. From time to time, I would put the bread we bought from the supermarket to the freezer when they’re approaching their expire date, my husband isn’t keen on the idea of toasting bread from the freezer!

    I think, unless there’s a not too expensive bread machine that only makes tiny loaf of bread out there, I don’t think our family would go buy one 😦

  2. I have a really cheap breadmaker £35. I have had more expensive in the past. I found that although I was reasonable happy with the loaf produced, I always felt the bread a bit more solid than my taste…..a bit dense I suppose you would say. I decided to replace my bread machine and spent ages researching different models. Whilst doing that I came across advice online t get a better loaf. Now I use my breadmaker to just make and kneed the dough. I make white, wholemeal…whatever I like really. I use the dough setting only. Once finished I remove the dough, shape and or place in tin. Cover with a plastic bag and then leave it to rise. This second rising (about and hour) makes all the difference to the texture of the loaf. After the hour is up I cook for 30 mins in my oven at 200deg c. ( for a loaf using 700g of flour). This produces an amazingly soft larger loaf for my family. The first time I did this my family all thought that I had gone to the very well known bakers in our village and bought one of their loaves, which I take as a massive compliment. I will never bake in the breadmaker again.

  3. I have had a bread machine for a lot of years, although I went for a long period of time without using it. I love the taste of the bread, but my machine doesn’t have the express feature and it takes three hours to bake a loaf! This requires some advanced planning, which I don’t always do. I also find the bread difficult to slice into neat slices for sandwiches, so we end up eating it like rolls or just taking off a hunk! So it isn’t really practical in that aspect. I still really like it, though.

  4. Would you mind posting the exact recipe? Or emailing it to me? With bread, you MUST be exact, and I never heard you mention the exact measurements. Thank you!!

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