Looking for small gifts this Christmas for teachers, friends, or to stuff a stocking?  Dollar Tree has some seriously awesome options, and if you are creative, it won’t look like you were a frugalista ;).  They have so many options in fact, that I have decided to make a video series gift guide.  FOR HER, FOR HIM, and FOR KIDS!

These videos will be posted today, December 1st, and December 2nd.  Yay for Dollar Tree Shopping!

Would love to hear what you have been finding at Dollar Tree!



Cheap and FREE Christmas fun…for families!

Three quick tips that saves us money for the holidays…but still keep it fun 🙂  Hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!

You can make your own personalized video from Santa at  I’m not sponsored…it’s just FREE and cool so I wanted to share! 🙂  A huge thank you to Braylynn for sharing with me.  Thanks, girl!

MUST-TRY Dollar Tree Manicure Kit!

At most Drug Stores these mini-manicure kits are $7-8 a pop.  Did you know Dollar Tree carries them?!?  Yeah, I didn’t either until one of YOU told me about them.  I love when you guys message me asking to hear about Dollar Tree products.  Here is my review (spoiler alert…I was super impressed!).

This post is NOT sponsored.  I’m a sucker for Dollar Tree and I go in and spend all my money there.  You know.  Like every day.  It’s a problem 😉


How I teach and entertain my kid under two :)

Play is fun.  Learning is fun.  Especially when you’re 2 🙂  Here’s how I keep it simple to have learning activities during the week.

My secret:  it’s all based on a book I choose.  And then we do simple things to learn about it.

It’s imperfect.  Sometimes he throws the craft and isn’t interested, sometimes we are just WAY TOO BUSY!  But, when I can, I try to incorporate this little system to create memories and a learning experience.

Would love to hear what you do/did!



I wanted to share this great deal for those with little girls! ❤  ‘Cause I would be all over this if my little guy was a… little princess!  This is a super deal!  And they are both well-reviewed.  I picked one up as a gift.

This Frozen Anna Costume is just $13.74 down from $40!!  And this Queen Elsa Costume is just $12.95 down from $40!

As Christmas approaches, I’ll be sharing deals that are worth checking out!


Dollar Tree Christmas Supplies 2014

This is my stock-up year for Christmas bags, tags, ribbons, and bows!  And my budget was small… just $25 🙂  For.Everything.

This stuff will last for YEARS and it’s all from the dollar store.  My favorite recs (I’m a huge gift bag girl since you can use them year to year to save) plus some fun finds… and a few things to avoid.

Classroom Organization Ideas!

I’ve been a teacher for 8 years.  Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my brain around that…or maybe I just want to feel younger than I am.  HA!  I am so, so blessed ❤ I know the Lord placed this calling on my life, and I am so fortunate to work alongside some pretty incredible people and kiddos.  THANK YOU, TEACHERS for all you do! 🙂  Public school, private school, homeschool mommas.  We need strong people like you to lift up our communities.  You inspire the future.

Here are a few quick tips of ways I love to organize my classroom…some of these ideas you can even use in your house, too!

P.S. Only a squillion of you have asked to see my classroom at school.  I actually don’t have my own room, I teach off of a cart and float around the building (yay Spanish class!), but I did have my own room for 6+ years.  So I know these tips can hack it in a room full of energetic kiddos 😉


DIY Edible PlayDoh! | Easy no-cook recipe for fall!

My friend Jessica sent me this recipe, and I wanted to share it with you.  It’s fun and easy and perfect for fall!  I hope you enjoy and please post pictures on my facebook if you try it 🙂

Edible Pumpkin Playdough

1 cup canned pumpkin

2 oz. honey

2 cups flour (I used more like 3-4)

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

orange food coloring (optional)

Mix together pumpkin puree and honey.  Add flour, powdered milk, and spice.  Knead together until well combined.

STORE IN FRIDGE FOR 2-3 HOURS BEFORE USE.  This will make it PERFECT consistency. 

Store in a gallon ziplock bag in the fridge for a week or two 🙂