DIY Lamination at Home!

I LOVE lamination.  As a teacher I consider myself to be more or less an “expert” at it.  I have laminated so much in my day and had to be creative about it.  I’ve been teaching for 8 years, so that’s a lotta paper!

My favorite Laminating ideas are in the video below, and here is more information about the products I show.  There is no paid product placement in this video 🙂  I’m not trying to promote and one brand… just show you what’s available!  I am an Amazon affiliate.

Dollar Tree Tape!
Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (it’s cheaper to get them online than in-store!)
Thermal Laminating Pouches. These are the ones I featured.
My laminator
Walmart Laminator (haven’t tried but good reviews!)

Another option to get the pouches is (I’m not affiliated but the prices are good!)



4 thoughts on “DIY Lamination at Home!

  1. Reblogged this on LoriCamper.Com and commented:
    I ran across this today. Lamination is something I’ve used a lot as a homeschool mom. Here are some easy tips on how to laminate at home very inexpensively without any special equipment such as a laminating machine.

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