MUST-TRY Dollar Tree Manicure Kit!

At most Drug Stores these mini-manicure kits are $7-8 a pop.  Did you know Dollar Tree carries them?!?  Yeah, I didn’t either until one of YOU told me about them.  I love when you guys message me asking to hear about Dollar Tree products.  Here is my review (spoiler alert…I was super impressed!).

This post is NOT sponsored.  I’m a sucker for Dollar Tree and I go in and spend all my money there.  You know.  Like every day.  It’s a problem 😉



2 thoughts on “MUST-TRY Dollar Tree Manicure Kit!

  1. Hi Kathryn! I love watching your videos, they inspire me so much! And all this time I thought I was the only one that believed we could get so much more bang for our buck if we all shopped at dollar stores. I am a huge fan of these sticky nail applications. My only question is, it looked like your polish that you used was gold? I didn’t see a close up at the end. Did you try using a light coat of gold over them fir the holidays? Just wondering because my mind is always thinking of ways to reinvent an old idea! Lol! I’m off to put the kids down and spoil myself with a mini mani with some now! Cheerio!

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