Wanted to share this deal with you!  Recently I shared this video with how I laminate on the cheap.  My laminator was $30, so this Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901) is 50% off and rings in at just $16 (it says it retails for $80, but you can find it pretty much anywhere for $30).  Either way, this is a killer deal if you are looking for a laminator!

Also, you can score Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches for 50% off…just $9.94!  (They retail for almost $25!)  Would make an awesome Christmas gift, or an investment in your home organization.


One thought on “50% off LAMINATING SYSTEM!

  1. Hi Kathryn!

    I just availed of the Killer Deal on the Laminating System and just got it shipped at my place! I would really like to THANK you for all your tips and tricks. I’m a BIG FAN of you. I will also share a picture of the DIY Countertop Cleaner that I created, which looks just like what you showed in your video (Yes, I got the same Label Maker that you have LOL :D) Thank you so much for inspiring me with your AWESOME tips! :):) Happy Holidays!


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