About Me

wow.  my house is perfectly organized now!….said no one ever.

Hi, I’m Kathryn! I love the Lord and being a wife, mommy, and teacher. I also love living organized on a budget.

Ever stumbled across an organization board on Pinterest or read a blog with drool-worthy photos of perfectly organized linen cabinets and spotless bathrooms?  Ever read a post about a mom making her child’s lunch with mini monogrammed umbrellas stuck in the grapes?  And then we sigh and wish we were rich, perfectly organized, and had it all together.

But you know what?  Life isn’t a staged photograph.  It’s your own home-movie and YOU are the star.  It’s imperfect, it’s sometimes messy, but when things work (and they stay working) it’s glorious and it’s worth sharing.

And that’s where I come in.  I’m a video blogger and frugal mommy.  I share with you what organization and budget living is for a REAL person… when you take away the perfectly staged photos and props.  Me, my camera and real systems that work for me to make your life better and easier. 🙂

For me, living organized on a dime is a source of creativity and great joy.  Finding ways of stretching a dollar means I have more chances to have fun getting there.  It makes me shop more thoughtfully, buy second hand, turn to more natural products, and eat healthier.  I find systems that work.  And I toss the ones that don’t.  I live it by choice and do it intentionally.  Dollar Tree?  Yes please.  Goodwill?  You betcha.  FREE?  I’ll find it (and do my best to make it beautiful).

Organization shouldn’t be dreaded work.  The best systems never are.  For me, living on less and living organized is truly FUN.

Follow me–imperfections and all–as I live life on a dime.




22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I enjoy very much your organization tips. I think you are a very sweet person.
    Congratulations on your new website. Look forward to seeing more neat things from you!!!!

  2. I am so glad you have a bog. I see your videos during lunch break .. yes!!! during lunch break. I am a new mommy as well and I work 2 days at home and 3 days in the office. So, my free time is my lunch break at work. Videos like this make me motivated to do better and that I am not alone on my organization moments and always looking for ways to save money for my family and this is why I keep looking out for your videos and also because your energy to me is contagious 😉

  3. I’m enjoying your tips and YouTube videos. As a teacher, I decided to purchase a keurig machine and saw your review. It is thoughtful, full of practical information and useful to my needs. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’ve been following you for a while now and i absolutly went ape poop lol when i heard this was coming thank you for doing this your an awesome you give me and i think other low in come mamas and daddys out there hope that yes we can do it on a budget and i love love the dollar tree thank you so much

  5. Your videos are very encouraging! Thanks for cheering us on to be organized so we can bless our family. You are doing a beautiful thing Katheryn – keep serving others in the way God has equipped you!

  6. Kathryn, I love your videos! You’ve helped me with a lot of organizing challenges in my home. I’m a teacher too and I was wondering if you could help me with a work challenge. I have been a Math Teacher for 14 years and just became an Assistant Principal. I’m wondering if I should keep the copious amount of lesson plans I amassed over the years or let them go. There’s some really good, creative stuff in there but I’m wondering if I’ll ever use them. What’s your opinion?

  7. Hi! Your videos are so helpful! I love your creative ideas in organizing and the goodwill hauls. How is Luna? Thank You for making these great videos!

  8. Hi Kathryn

    I love you channel so so so much, I live in Australia with two beautiful children and a husband, they both think I am addicted to your channel but your tip and videos r so relatable and useful, keep up the great work.PS the dollar tree should come to oz

  9. I love your videos. Youre energy and happiness are contagious. By the way your son is a cutie pants. Im a grandma of a 5 month old. So much joy. Merry Christmas from your neighbour to the NORTH


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