A little Christmas vloggin’.  Join us as we decorate our tree (with a toddler…ah!), visit the Billy Graham Library, and get ready for a baby shower.  December is such a busy month, not everything goes smoothly, but we’re making memories and making it count 🙂




Some gift ideas for your teacher this year.  I’ve been teaching for 8 years, and we don’t NEED anything to complete our season or year…your little ones are enough!  But here are some ideas that are $5 and under!

Get more information about these ideas at these fabulous blogs!

Post-it Idea from Ashley’s Craft Corner
Pen Idea for Scholastic
…also from Veri Keri
Starbucks gift card idea from Eighteen25
Hand Sanitizer on That’s what She Said
Redbox Movie Idea from Keeping My Cents
Survival Kit from Everyday Originals



So excited about this collab!  Keri from Veri Keri asked me to be a part of a collab.  Dollar Tree + Christmas = Awesomeness.  I’m so there!

Here are my favorite tips for decorating for Christmas using Dollar Tree decor.  You really can make beautiful, classic looking decorations that are stunning for just a buck.  Check out my best tips, examples, and products to make it happen!

P.S.  Behind the scenes side-note…when Keri sent me the title of the video, it took me a while to figure out the play on words.  Did you get it right away…. #shouldhavetakenfrench  HA!


50% OFF Melissa & Doug Wooden Toys!

I LOVE wooden toys.  TODAY ONLY (Dec 4, 2014) all these MELISSA AND DOUG TOYS are 50% OFF!

I was especially excited about this model and mold set and this sandwich making setUNDER $10!!!

This building set is just $35…super score!–IT HAS A FULL 5 STARS!

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier, but I was working today, and on of my real-life friends posted this deal on her Facebook wall.  I knew I had to share it.


FREE L.L. Bean Water Bottle! (NO SHIPPING COST!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.16.21 PM
Screenshot to prove it was free!

This deal AH-MAZING.  Be on the lookout for your L.L. Bean catalog in the mail this week!  Inside there is a $10 off ANY ORDER.  No minimum, FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE, even if your total is $0.

I ended up getting this $10 water bottle for FREE, shipped!  Five star reviews…so excited!  Don’t throw out this catalog when you get it!


Find a list of other cheap items here.

*I am not sponsored by or affiliated with L.L. Bean.  All opinions are my own.*



Looking for small gifts this Christmas for teachers, friends, or to stuff a stocking?  Dollar Tree has some seriously awesome options, and if you are creative, it won’t look like you were a frugalista ;).  They have so many options in fact, that I have decided to make a video series gift guide.  FOR HER, FOR HIM, and FOR KIDS!

These videos will be posted today, December 1st, and December 2nd.  Yay for Dollar Tree Shopping!

Would love to hear what you have been finding at Dollar Tree!


MUST-TRY Dollar Tree Manicure Kit!

At most Drug Stores these mini-manicure kits are $7-8 a pop.  Did you know Dollar Tree carries them?!?  Yeah, I didn’t either until one of YOU told me about them.  I love when you guys message me asking to hear about Dollar Tree products.  Here is my review (spoiler alert…I was super impressed!).

This post is NOT sponsored.  I’m a sucker for Dollar Tree and I go in and spend all my money there.  You know.  Like every day.  It’s a problem 😉